Market Talk- Top 5 Cards To Watch #1 (13/08/22)

Market Talk- Top 5 Cards To Watch #1 (13/08/22)

Market Watch (13/08/22)



Welcome to the very first Asters World market watch, this will aim to be a weekly/monthly watch of the UK market (sometimes compared to the USA market) on certain cards that have seen huge price changes or cards I feel are ones to watch out for! This is of course opinion based and I do not at all consider myself a finical adviser.

#1 Garura, Wings of Resonant Life

One of what seems to be an overlooked card in an incredibly stacked set. Garura, wings of resonant life a card that's price has almost doubled since release and pre sales. Looking on cardmarket and ebay, which in my opinion are great tools to price track, the pricing for garura, wings of resonant life on launch was £3-£4. This card now sits at £7.70 on cardmarket and £8 on ebay. This is nearly a doubling in price. A similar price bump occurred in Battle Of Chaos' Guardian Chimera, nowhere near as high, but a similar theme in the cards shows a possible thing to look for with future sets. This cards summoning requirements are '2 monsters with the same Type and Attribute, but different names' allowing it in almost any deck, with super polymerization being accessible it is obvious why it is being picked up. So something to watch out for in the future in my opinion is high rarity fusion monsters that have basic summoning requirements. 

#2 Starving Venom Fusion Dragon

Onto our second card of the week we have Starving Venom Fusion Dragon. This is a total risk! With the dark world deck coming in December we will have an abundance of players trying out this deck! With dark world being a 'Dark' type deck having a fusion which requires '2 DARK monsters on the field, except Tokens' this could be bought for budget decks. Legendary Duelist Season 3 Launched recently with a common print of this card which sells as low as 20p per copy on cardmarket as of today. A card which I believe will be worth £2-£3 by end of year or start of next year (whenever Legendary Duellist Season 3 goes up in value). This being because a similar occurrence started when Legendary Duellist Season 2's price started rise. Not a must buy on this list but I wanted to share my thought process.


#3 Pot of Prosperity

This is the first card on the list I would be selling if I had any copies of it. With Mega Tin 2022 a month away and the set description saying one of the sets being reprinted is Blazing Vortex it is almost a certainty this card will be printed in the tins. Following previous years this would be an Ultra Rare Print. A necessary reprint for a card that is recently selling for £80 and also £120 on ebay, has a current cheapest price of £100 and one UK listing of £85 on Cardmarket. When looking back at mega tin prints, cards like triple tactics talents and Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder which were Ultra Rare's in last years tins and can be bought for £15-£20 compared to their higher prices in secret rare before the tin prints were announced. As soon as the card list is announced if it is the set, there will be mass panic selling of the secret rarity.  


#4 Underworld Goddess of the closed world

Another card from Blazing Vortex. This secret rare has only 1 print and for as long as I can remember was a £18-£25 card value. As of today it is sitting around £40-£45 in the UK market. Another card which could go either way, if reprinted as an ultra rare in the new tins next month it will decrease, if it is not then the value may rise a little further. One to almost definitely keep an eye on if you have a copy you no longer use, now may be the time to sell! 

#5 Destiny Hero Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer

I have a personal bias for this card for me a reprint should come in ultra rare in the Mega Tin set, with the starlight print and the Secret print a more affordable option would greatly improve the pricing. With secrets being currently £50-£60 in value it is a reprint which would be welcomed by the player base using it, considering any max rarity player using it can now upgrade to its brand new starlight rarity. I would love to see this get reprinted and would advise anyone waiting on this possible reprint to keep an eye on the BODE secret rare print value. The lack of verte has put a portion off using this wonderful card, however for hero player it is still a go too.


If you got this far thank you very much! Be sure to leave a comment of any cards I missed and your opinions on the cards listed! 



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